Daily Deals 7/19 – Gamestop Coupon, GRID 2, Cowboom Flash Sale, Pokémon, Dead Island Riptide, and more

closeThese deals were posted 9 months 3 days ago which may mean they are no longer valid. For the newest deals go to the main page.

5005423PS3 Deals:

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – $16.95 + S&H at eStarland.com
Dead Island Riptide Special Edition – $29.99 shipped at Amazon

GRID 2 – $39.99 shipped at Amazon
Dead Island Riptide Rigor Mortis Edition – $44.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Also available for the same price at Amazon

Xbox 360 Deals:

Alex Brand Multiplayer Character for Gears of War Judgment – Free on Xbox Live

Dead Island Riptide Special Edition – $29.99 shipped at Amazon
GRID 2 – $39.99 shipped at Amazon
Dead Island Riptide Rigor Mortis Edition – $44.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Also available for th5004731e same price at Amazon

Microsoft offers a year of Xbox Live Gold when you purchase a Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium 1-Year Subscription for $99.99.

Wii U Deals:

Tank! Tank! Tank! – $19.99 at Amazon

Playstation Vita Deals:

Demon Gaze Pre-Order – $35.99 shipped at Newegg with coupon code ‘EMCXNWM89’
Ys: Memories of Celceta Pre-Order – $35.99 shipped at Newegg with coupon code ‘EMCXNWM92’

3DS Deals:

On the 3DS eShop, get a $30 Credit when you register both Shin Megami Tensei IV and Fire Emblem Awakening

The best price for these games right now is $72 shipped at Gamestop.com:

DS Deals:

Pokémon White Version 2 – $25.89 shipped at Amazon
Pokémon Black Version 2 – $26.92 shipped at Amazon

PC Game Deals:

Mega Man Unlimited (Fanmade Game) – Free Download
Tera Online Collector’s Edition – $19.99 shipped at Newegg with coupon code ‘EMCXNWM55’

GamestopAt Gamestop.com, use coupon code ‘SUMM3R’ to take 20% off any in-stock purchase of $69.99 or more.  Add coupon code ‘SAVER’ for free shipping.

Find any good items to use it on?  Share in the comments!

    The best deals today include Dead Island Riptide, a price low on either system for the Special Edition by $10 each and the Rigor Mortis Edition by $25 each, GRID 2, a price low on either system by $20, Shin Megami Tensei IV and Fire Emblem Awakening, a price low to buy both games by $15, both Pokemon games for the DS, price lows by at least $8 each, Tank! Tank! Tank!, a price low by $20, and both Vita pre-orders, price lows by $4 each.

    Expired Deals:

    Battlefield 3 – $15.85 with free store pickup at Walmart.com

    CowboomToday only, Cowboom is having a console flash sale, with used video game systems on sale from $39.99 each with free shipping.

    51cym8Tw81L._AA160_Interested in deals on movies and TV shows too? Check out Daily Game Deals sister site, Daily DVD Deals.

    Today’s post includes an $8 coupon off select 3D Blu-ray titles, The Book Of Eli, and more.

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    • Brian Hinson

      Picked up Sly Cooper… first time ordering from estarland… used paypal.

      Been waiting on it to hit $20, another one to add to the growing line… I think I’ll finish ME3 today (might cut grass though)… I think I’ll sell my copies (ME1 xbox, ME2 ps3, ME3 xbox) and get the Trilogy for PS3 and replay it all! Just fantastic, and so much I didn’t get to experience… and I’d like to get the DLC, but I want to get it only for the PS3.

      Interestingly, I noticed I’ve never swapped my discs anymore! I just left the second disc in the tray (xbox) and it has never asked me to swap again through the whole game, only that first hour. So I suppose just leaving the second disc in will totally alleviate swapping discs altogether.

      • Andy

        That’s cool. Maybe there’s some install data from the first disc that gets saved so it’s not needed.

        eStarland is a good store. They’ve been around a long time.

    • Tyler

      Yall, are crazy i wish i had the free time to play more. I pretty much hated Skyrim… I know blasphamy… because i never had enough time to enjoy it properly. I don’t think i could finish the ME trilogy before the new consoles drop.

      • Brian Hinson

        I here ya Tyler!

        I basically had stopped playing video games from high school up until this year! About 20 years! I worked while in high school (McDonalds), had a girlfriend, martial arts and in a hard-rock/metal band… time was thin. When I went to college, I had a job (most of the time), worked during the off season and just had no time to really game.

        At the moment we do fine with me being home, doing odd computer related jobs and my wife working as a CSR. I get plenty of time to game now, but if the economy gets much worse, might have to get a full-time job again. But I’m catching up on years of lost gaming, so I’m hitting it hard!

        You can make the ME Trilogy drag on (by doing all the side quests) or pretty short (just hit the main story segments). It is well worth your investment. I’d recommend getting it on PS3 if you have the choice. Personally I’d consider this a must play series… but people like different things.

        I won’t be taking part in the next-gen right off the bat… I’d like to see how it all pans out first and whether the systems have any issues on first release. Until then I’ve got 100+ games waiting on me to play! I’m hitting on average 4 per month.

      • Andy

        My free time lasts about another month, then it’s back to school. I still have my regular job but it’s a lot easier in the Summer to find time for playing games than when going to school and working full-time. I’m trying to take advantage of it!

    • Brian Hinson

      You still playing Borderlands 2? What do you think?

      I’m torn over what to start next… I’ve got whole series I could do (Assassin’s Creed, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Hitman, Tomb Raider, God of War etc…) or I could just hit some smaller games like Mirror’s Edge, Wet, Inversion etc..

      I kinda wished I didn’t enjoy some of these games… I’ve only sold 3 games so far (Toy Story 3, Epic Mickey 2 and Battlefield 3), might have to let some more go.

      • Andy

        Have played Borderlands 2 a little bit more since our initial marathon session. It’s a great game. I’d like to play more this weekend. We’ll see.

        Yeah, some of those whole series could take a little while. I haven’t tried Mirror’s Edge yet, I got it for $5 a while back and have wanted to give it a shot. Maybe soon.

    • Tyler

      Hey Brian,

      First, Mirrors edge is awesome. I refuse to sell it back even though i haven’t played it in forever because it was so innovative and unique. That you can play through in a weekend easy.

      I’m 25 and have a fulltime job. Recently got married and really only have 2 hours of chill time a day. I have been playing lots of sports game because you can squeeze a game in real quick. I have been scouring the interent for a good deal on Tiger Woods 14… oh how i want it. But, I just bought a house and I’m doing my best not to blow money on full priced games. Hence, my frequency on this site.

      • Brian Hinson

        Do you have both systems (xbox 360 and ps3)? I’ll keep an eye out for Tiger Woods 14… though sometimes the deal is only for one system.

        I’d say on average, I’m only spending a couple hours a day playing… sometimes on the weekends I get a whole day to blow. You can finish many games in just a week on 2 hours a day, assuming you aren’t playing on super hard mode. I typically play on normal, unless it is just too easy.

      • Andy

        I haven’t played much of the Tiger Woods games, NHL is my sports game series of choice, but do they make a lot of improvements to each Tiger Woods version?

        What I do with NHL is buy the previous year when a new one comes out. I’ve been playing NHL 12 on and off since last year, and will buy NHL 13 in the next couple months when 14 comes out. Great way to save money and get to play pretty updated games in the series.

    • Tyler

      I only have an Xbox 360. I typically play on hard but i don’t dedicated all of those 2 hours to games. I end up playing for like 45 mins. Which for some games is a few cut scenes lol

    • http://Www.youtube.com/rsthejuice401 Thejuice401

      Zelda guide set is at 117$!

      • Andy

        Awesome, thanks for the heads up!

    • Tragik TK

      I used to play a lot till I took over my own store. Now I work 50-55 hours a week. I’m married, turning 32 next month. I’ve got an Xbox 360, Wii U, and recently got a PS3. Usually keep my games b/c I usually only buy the ones I like, or ones I’m really anticipating, other then that I usually rent from Gamefly and buy them when they go on sale on there. If anyone wants to add me I’m Tragik TK on 360, Tragik_TK on PS3.

      • Andy

        That’s cool. :) I expect the Xbox One DRM reversal was good news for you then. Gamefly would’ve been in real trouble if they stuck with it.

        What kind of store do you have?