Video Game Deals 12/5 – PS4 & Xbox One Games, Vita System, Max Payne, Saints Row IV, Amazon $5 off $35, and more

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PS3 Deals:2SG-102011167_vmain_01_kb_mn_8569894

PS4 Deals:

  • Battlefield 4 – $44.99 shipped at Tiger Direct after a $15 mail-in rebate

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Wii U Deals:

3DS Deals:

Vita Deals:

PC Game Deals:

Amazon $5 off $35Amazon

At Amazon, get a $5 credit for a $35+ purchase when you answer the question on this page.   Promotional credits must be redeemed by 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, December 15, 2013. 

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Price Comparison:

The best gaming deals today include the used Vita system, a price low over a new one by more than $60, the PS4 and Xbox One games, price lows by $15-$19 each after the mail-in rebates, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, a price low over a new copy on either system by at least $15, the Max Payne PC bundles at Amazon, both of which are at the lowest prices they have been, and the Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller, a price low by $5.

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Today’s post includes a bunch of great deals, Doctor Who, Dexter, Complete Series sets, and more.

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  • Andy

    Today’s Question of the Day:

    What delivery companies have you had the best/worst experiences with?

    My top choice is FedEx. They always come early in the day and knock before leaving.

    UPS would be 2nd, though lately they’ve been coming later and later (the driver must be working overtime for the holidays).

    I’ve had a couple mistakes with each of the above companies, packages to the wrong door, etc.. but nothing that hasn’t been resolved, and out of thousands of deliveries that’s to be expected. Overall, they do a great job.

    Last is USPS, not because I’ve had any issues, but because I have to go the apartment office to pick the packages up and they’re not dropped off at my door.

    • Brian Hinson

      Same order for me… all the companies seem to do really well where I live now.

      I’ve had UPS show up as late as 10pm! I had bought the PowerBlocks quick change dumbbell set, and I went to check on where it was at and it said side door… I tried to open the side door and couldn’t, the driver had piled the boxes in front of the door (over 300lbs!), so I had to go out the front and carry each box around and into the house.

      Unknown to me the sets don’t shipped assembled but each section is sent out in it’s own box… suffice to say there were two dozen or so boxes for it all!

  • Andy

    I hope the microtransactions popping up in Forza 5 and Gran Turismo 6 don’t make their way to other genres, but I’m assuming they will very soon.

    I don’t like this trend. Not that having the option to buy things is bad, but when games are deliberately designed to push you into buying extras, like slowing progress down, reducing rewards, etc.., that is a real problem.

    And to think, it all started with some horse armor…

    • Brian Hinson

      Yeah and it smells of horse shh……

      but yeah, I expect we’ll see more of it… so much less content in Forza 5… do you have to buy extra tracks or can you “earn” them?

      I’m not against the option to buy, but I am against them purposefully making the game intolerable to earn them.

      • Tyler

        In regards to Forza 5…

        I understand that they have about half the number of cars as Forza 4. Which sounds horrible. But, from what I have read they have autovista mode for all cars now. For those who don’t know thats where you view a car in your garage, look under the hood sit in either seat, get a full view of the car from every angle, and most importantly get information on all the features of the car. This is all narrated by Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear (UK- aka the good top gear). It’s a fantastic feature to the game with a lot of detailed work put in. You really can’t appreciate it until you have seen/played it. Anyway, there were only a random selection of about 12 cars you could do this with in Forza 4 but in 5 you can do it with every single car! I believe I read there’s near 200 which is really impressive.

    • Tyler

      Not to sound like a dummy but what do you mean by microtransactions? the purchasing of new cars/tracks?

      I had tiger woods 14 and although i didn’t think this would bother me it did…. during the single player career you have a set path of tournaments to play in. A fairly large portion of these tournaments are DLC. You can either skip the tourny which causes you to lose overall points as your competition gets to play an entire additional tournament. The other option is to replace that tournament with another course. This means you’ll play the same course twice in one year of your career. Anyway, I think DLC should be additional content. I would rather they leave out those other tournaments entirely. How lame would it be to get to level 5 of halo and the game say purchase now..or skip?! That’s the way it seems to be heading :(

      • Andy

        Sorry. Yeah, by microtransactions, I’m referring to the small, frequent purchases seen in games like Forza 5. I think of these as being different from normal DLC like, say the Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea or something similar.

        Basically, in Forza, as I understand it, you build up credits by completing races. However, the amount of credits to get the top cars is high enough that it would take a ton of grinding to get them on your own, harder than in previous games in the series.

        On top of that, a number of cars are only available to purchase with your in-game credits when you buy any of the separate car packs or the $50 car pass.
        These packs don’t unlock the cars and give them to you, they simply make them available for you to purchase with in-game credits, which can also be purchased with micro transactions if you don’t want to grind for as long as it takes.

        • Brian Hinson

          No, you’re trolling us? lol

          You mean spending $50 bucks DOESN’T unlock the cars? Just makes them possible to unlock through grinding or more spending? Did I understand that right?

          I feel like going into a Trevor Rampage right about now….

          • Andy

            That’s how I understand it. I don’t have the game, so someone who does can provide more insight, but from the discussions I’ve read, that’s how it works.

            They seem to be making changes, but I haven’t heard the above problem addressed.

          • Tyler

            I assume it’s like previous iterations of the game. Buying a pass or car pack makes the cars available to purchase with credit earned from races in career mode, but free in other quick play and multiplayer modes. This is actually a good method in my opinion. The career mode would be ruined buy a single purchase if you could simply buy the best car. Like all racing games you start with a crappy car and work your way up.

            In addition, the thought that cars cost so many credits their near impossible to buy is a bit misleading. Again I’m talking from my experience with Forza 4, but each time you level up (up to level 50) you are awarded a car for free. As you would assume, the higher the level the better the car your awarded. Not only do you get a free car at each level you get to choose between 2-3 at each level. Therefore, it’s easy to play through the entire game without ever buying a single car using the credits you have earned.

            In Forza 4 I think i bought maybe 1-2 cars throughout my entire career. I finished with approximately 3million coins and like 25 or so cars in my garage. The most expensive cars are like 1.5million. This is excluding unicorn cars which are special cars rarely given out and only given out by developers but you can’t really factor those in. They rarely go up on auction and when they do they cost a billion coins (literally). Im not really sure who can afford these. Also, keep in mind you can sell any car in your garage for about 45% of it’s original value.

            I assume Forza 5 is set up in the same way. The car packs are tempting but not necessary.

          • Tyler

            Hopefully, that shed some light on the issue your discussing and didn’t make things more confusing.

            If you play the game you’ll see very quickly the coin making system is very far. At level 1 when your earning like 500 coins a race and see that buggati costs 1m you think wow I’ll never get there. But, once you reach level 50 they’ll give you one for free.

          • Brian Hinson

            Actually that makes a good bit of sense. Hopefully there isn’t too much grinding…. just winning and moving on and up.

  • Brian Hinson

    Assassins Creed IV for PS4 is currently 48.99 on Amazon, and if you use that $5 credit, it will make it 43.99 (not bad) and don’t have to wait for the $15 rebate from Tigerdirect (though it is the better deal if you don’t mind waiting on the rebate, which I personally hate).

    Prime members get free 2-day shipping!

    • Andy

      Thanks for the heads up Brian.

      I don’t mind rebates if the deal is good enough, but a few dollars may be enough incentive not to deal with it. :)

      • Brian Hinson

        Yeah, to get prime shipping, Amazon’s customer service behind you etc… a few bucks won’t stand between me and Amazon. ;)

        I bought my hdmi cables at Monoprice (I love the ultra slim redmere cables) cause they are a good bit cheaper than Amazon, BUT it’s going to take a good week to get here! That 2-day shipping is the bomb.

        • Tyler

          Amazon and monoprice are the best. I bought some cables for my mac to connect to a few larger monitors from monoprice and was very pleased. The cables came extremely quickly and were less then half the price I found everywhere else.

          • Brian Hinson

            Yeah, I live on the east coast and monoprice is shipping from the west, so it takes longer. But not a huge deal, saved a good bit of dough nonetheless.

          • Tyler

            I’m repping Charlottesville, Virginia East Coast too.

          • Brian Hinson

            Cool, I bet the holidays slowed them down a bit shipping out.

            I live in South Carolina, Camden… use to live in Rock Hill before I got married, which right next to Charlotte NC.

  • Jason

    Mail In Rebate! BAH!

  • Brian Hinson

    Looks like Battlefield 4 and Killzone Shadow Fall are both now 48.99 on Amazon… 43.99 when combined with the $5 credit.

    • Andy

      Thanks Brian, I added that and a couple other deals.