Video Game Deals 12/6 – Pokemon Y for $20, NBA 2K14, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Final Fantasy VIII, and more

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81 Hnl8HwML._SL1500_PS3 Deals:

PS4 Deals:

  • PS4 System – $399.99 in-stock at Best Buy stores this Sunday 12/8
    • The system is listed in their weekly ad and should be available at all stores when they open Sunday

Xbox 360 Deals:

Xbox One Deals:

  • Xbox One System – $499.99 in-stock at Best Buy stores this Sunday 12/8
    • The system is listed in their weekly ad and should be available at all stores when they open Sunday

3DS Deals:

Vita Deals:

Amazon has a selection of Vita games for $9.99 817O6cRRDqL._SL1500_each:

PC Game Deals:

On Steam, play Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for free until Sunday

Price Comparison:

The best gaming deals today include Pokemon Y, a price low by $20, NBA 2K14, a price low for either version by $10, the PS3 500GB Grand Theft Auto V Bundle, a price low by over $60 when factoring in the cost of the free Lego Marvel Super Heroes Game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, a price low by $5, the Xbox One Wireless Controller, a price low by $12, and Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, which matches the lowest price it has ever been.

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Today’s post includes a Downton Abbey Limited Edition bundle, Star Trek Into Darkness, and more.

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  • Andy

    Today’s Question of the Day:

    What have you been playing this week?

    I’ve had a lot going on this week, so I haven’t gotten to start any Black Friday games, but I did play some Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (though it was disappointing how weak they made Phoenix Wright) and I went back played a little Skyrim too.

  • Tyler

    This week i have played a wide assortment of games….

    COD Modern Warfare 2
    COD Modern Warfare 3
    Little Big Planet
    Little Big Planet: Karting
    Metal Gear Solid 4

  • Brian Hinson

    GTA V for me… loving it!

  • Tyler

    I have a question about the PS3 I’m hoping someone here can help me with….

    My hard drive seems to be feeling up unbelievable quickly. I have used about 170gb/250gb. The only games I have saved on the hard drive our XCOM, Uncharted 3, Little Big Planet Karting, and Shadow of the Colossus. Their sizes are about 8gb, 12gb, 7gb, and 6gb. I don’t understand what the heck is taking up all this space!

    Could there be that many program files?

    Also, every time I do anything 9got to the store, load a game, etc..) it has to download something. It’s extremely frustrating that every time I try to play something I have a 30m wait. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Lastly, is there a better place to view your storage? I currently go to system settings and all i get is 170gb/250gb. On the xbox it would break it down per game, per section (demos, apps, videos, etc..). Maybe it’s just me but the operating software seems a bit convoluted.

    Help! Thanks!

    • Brian Hinson

      Hey Tyler,

      1) The updates… the only thing I can imagine is that you’ve gotten a hold of a ps3 that doesn’t have all the latest software… kind of like if you were to get an original copy of Windows 7, you’d have a ton of updates… it would seem like it updates every day for a week or so (I know because I recently did this, what a pain). But no this isn’t what normally happens at all.

      2) To see whats using up space, go the the Games section and click on the Game Data Utility entry, it’ll list the games, press the Triangle button and select information to see size. There is also a Saved Data Utility (PS3) for your saved data from the games, and I think app data is here as well. I’ve got a bunch of games installed on my 250, plus a good many digital downloads and I’ve still got free space left, not sure what is going on with your ps3. I don’t think I’ve deleted anything since originally buying the ps3 and I have 20G still left.

      3) The PS3 menu system isn’t the best… takes a little getting used too, but once you do its fairly easy. Just very different from the xbox one.

      hope this helps!

    • Andy

      To add on to what Brian said, if the system information says 170GB/250GB, that means you have 170GB free, not that you’re using that much.

      The updates are an issue, but that’s because the games are a bit older and have had a number oof patches. Once you’re up to date it should br smooth

      • Brian Hinson

        Ha, yeah I should have caught that! lol

        so he has about 80G worth of stuff installed.

        • Tyler

          ….. I’ll see myself out. :(

  • UnanimousTick79

    Whats up guys…..Been dying to get started on Bioshock Infinite this weekend….Picked it up last Fri. for $19.99. On another note, the new gen. of consoles just haven’t brought enough to the table yet (GAMES), for me to justify buying one.

  • UnanimousTick79

    Oh Brian, I noticed you lift weights in a post that was up the other day….Check out a guy on YouTube named Brian Siders……I graduated high school with him….Hell of a lifter and an all around good guy…..He used to play guitar in a band I played in…..Always tried to get me into lifting<<<<<<too lazy :)

    • Brian Hinson

      Cool. dude is a beast!

      I play guitar too, ever since high school. I’m ok… nothing to brag about. It’s more of a fun hobby.

  • Tyler

    Yeah I was hoping to load up on PS+ titles but it filling up so quick! I’ll take a look at it later tonight to see whats going on. I actually just read with all the different portions uncharted 3 was a 40 GB download! But, even with that and the other saved games I have like 70gbs unaccounted for.

    • Brian Hinson

      If you didn’t see Andy’s reply he mentioned how the 170/250 means that 170G is still free space! Mine says 20/250, so I have 20G free.