Daily Deals 5/9 – $1 PixelJunk PSN Sale, Sin and Punishment, Fallout 3 GOTY, Portal 2, and more

closeThese deals were posted 2 years 8 months 17 days ago which may mean they are no longer valid. For the newest deals go to the main page.


PSN PixelJunk Sale:  [Details]
PixelJunk Racers  – $1
PixelJunk Eden  – $1
PixelJunk Monsters – $1
PixelJunk Shooter – $1
PixelJunk SideScroller – $4.99
PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe – $9.99

Xbox 360: 
3 Xbox 360 Games for $30 at Walmart.com (49 Titles) – Shipping adds $3.52

Crysis 2: Limited Edition – $9.99 shipped at Buy.com

PC Downloads:
Portal 2 – $6.79 on Steam
Alan Wake (Activates on Steam) – $14.99 at Amazon
Alan Wake Collector’s Bundle (Activates on Steam) – $17.49 at Amazon

The best deals today include Sin and Punishment: Star Successor, a price low by $10, Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition, a price low by $8, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, a price low by $6, the bundled Xbox 360 games, price lows for most of the titles when you consider them to be $11 each, Portal 2, which is the lowest is has ever been on Steam, and Alan Wake, which is half off MSRP.

At Amazon, for items under $25 standard shipping adds $4.98. Free shipping on orders over $25 or with Amazon Prime. Details on how to get a free Amazon Prime account

At Best Buy, shipping is free on media items.

At Walmart, site-to-store shipping is free, or shipping to home starts at $1.97.

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