Daily Deals 7/16 – Assassin’s Creed, The Walking Dead, The Last Guardian, Rayman Legends, and more

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5003552PS3 Deals:

Vanquish (Used) – $4.99 with free store pickup at BestBuy.com

Assassin’s Creed III – $19.99 at Amazon 
Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Trilogy – $19.99 at Amazon 
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct – $19.99 at Amazon

Injustice: Gods Among Us – $39.99 shipped at Amazon

The Last Guardian Pre-Order – $54.99 shipped at Newegg with coupon code ‘EMCXNWP223’
A coupon for TLG?!  Hopefully this is a sign the game is actually going to be released.

Xbox 360 Deals:

Assassin’s Creed III – $19.99 a5005279t Amazon 
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct – $19.99 at Amazon

Assassin’s Creed II is now free for Xbox Live Gold Members

Wii U Deals:

Rayman Legends Pre-Order – $53.99 shipped at Newegg with coupon code ‘EMCXNWP224’

On the Wii U Virtual Console, download Donkey Kong for $0.30 

Playstation Vita Deals:

Resistance: Burning Skies – $19.99 at Gamestop.com
Jak and Daxter Collection – $19.99 at Gamestop.com
Also available for the same price at Amazon

5004504PSP Deals:

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 – $4.96 with free store pickup at Walmart.com
Also available for the same price at Amazon

3DS Deals:

Crosswords PLUS – $8.37 at Amazon

PC Game Deals:

The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC (Steam) – $2.49 at Gamestop.com
Assassin’s Creed III – $19.99 at Amazon

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    Choices include a set of posters, a Majora’s Mask soundtrack, a 2014 calendar, and downloadable games.

    $T2eC16FHJHQFFhnqhzI,BR3uwikV7Q~~60_12Other Deals:

    Newegg offers a large selection of items on sale as part of their Mid-Summer Savings Event

    At Tommy Hilfiger, take an extra 50% off all sale items with coupon codes ‘THILJULY50’ or ‘THILSAVEJULY’.  Shipping adds $7.95 or is free when you spend $150+.

    From Direct Source Liquidations via eBay, get a Refurbished 16GB Kindle Fire HD for $99.99 with free shipping

    Costco has a 3TB Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive for $99.99 on their website or in-store

    The best deals today include both Assassin’s Creed III and the Ezio Trilogy, price lows by $18 each, the Wii U Pro Controller, a price low by $13, Ni No Kuni, a price low by $7, MLB 13: The Show, a price low on PS3 by $10 and on Vita by $9, The Walking Dead: 400 Days, which is 50% off, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, a price low for either system by $27, and the pre-orders for The Last Guardian and Rayman Legends, price lows by $5 and $6 respectively.

    1240011-largeInterested in deals on movies and TV shows too? Check out Daily Game Deals sister site, Daily DVD Deals.

    Today’s post includes Harry Potter Ultimate Editions, a sale on Steelbooks, and more.

    Visit Daily DVD Deals or these deals and others!

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    • Brian Hinson

      Think I’m going to hold out a little longer on Ni No Kuni, got too much to play through.

      Did you get my message yesterday on Vanquish at BestBuy? They got it used for the PS3 4.99.

      I picked up AC 3… now I have them all, just need to play them all… man I’ve got so much to play through, it’s ridiculous. I just went and counted (curiosity) and I’ve got 103 physical game copies that I need to play! This doesn’t include any PS+ games, or downloaded games I’ve bought. I’ve played through 21 games in 6 months… at this rate I’m good for another 2 and 1/2 years! and this doesn’t include ps+ or downloads… I guess I could sell some of these, but I figure it’ll at least be a year, perhaps 2 before I get a next-gen system and I bet many of these games won’t take near as long as longer games like RRD, Mass Effect etc…

      • Andy

        That’s a big backlog! I believe I have somewhere around 60-65 physical games that I haven’t started at all/barely tried, spread out between the PS3, 360, and DS/3DS. That’s one of the reasons I’m not in a hurry to jump into the next generation just yet. I’m about to retire my Wii, as I’ve finished all the games I have for it.

        21 games in 6 months is a good pace, I’d probably be somewhere similar if I finished all the games I played. That’s my biggest struggle, is finishing games. I look at my shelf and see everything I haven’t tried, and have to decide if it’s worth my time to keep playing something that I’m not totally into.

        But when a game really grabs me, I’ll marathon through it in a couple days. The last two games to do that were Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider.

        I used to focus a lot on how long a game was when deciding what to buy, but now, I’m fine with short games as long as the price is right and it’s good throughout. I’ll take a consistently great 6 hour game over a 20 hour game that has great moments here and there.

        • Brian Hinson

          Yeah, I realized my play through count is off, it’s probably more like 24+ games in the past 6 months, because I forgot to count games I’ve sold after playing. So it’s about 4 games a month, 1 a week obviously. I can tell you this, some of those games must have took just days, because other games have taken weeks themselves, so I guess it averages out.

          I’ve really enjoyed almost every game I’ve played… they have different experiences etc… though they are all aren’t equal.

          Worst games so far…
          – Toy Story 3
          – Epic Mickey 2

          Best games so far… in no particular order…
          – Mass Effect Trilogy
          – Far Cry 3
          – Batman Arkham Series
          – Infamous Series
          – Vanquish (epic shooter period, imho)
          – Red Dead Redemption
          – Uncharted Series
          – Dead Space Series
          – Halo Reach and 4

          Notable Mentions
          – Borderlands (great game, average shooter compared to Vanquish/Far Cry 3, imho, poor story, I’m hoping Borderlands 2 is much better, but I had loads of fun playing it and never seemed like a chore).
          – Lego Batman 2 (just awesome, but easy game play).
          – Green Lantern Rise of the Manhunters (the flying sections suck balls, but the fighting is awesome! I don’t understand why this game is rated so poorly, yes it could be better, but what they did do is awesome, imho I’m glad I got it, I’ve kept it and intend on playing through again so that says it all).

          Most of my games are unplayed, I’m sure there are tons of great games missing from the best section. Since I started gaming at the end of this generation I’m fortunate enough to hopefully bypass most of the crap games. I’m a Disney fan (somewhat not huge) and I wanted to play those two games, I did and they sucked… oh well 2 out of 24 ain’t bad. There were other Disney games I was thinking of playing but after those two, no thanks.

          I’ll probably start my first introduction to the Grand Theft Auto series with the 5th one. PS+ gave us Saints Row 3 so I might play that… but I might just start with Saints Row 4 as it looks much more my cup of tea.

          I really haven’t had a huge problem sticking to my rule of finishing a game before starting another one. Of course when you are playing such great games first, then it is easier, but some of the games lasted so long they were wearing out their welcome… but I stuck the extra week into them to finish.

          At this point, I look at how many there are to go and how many I want to play again… I’m thinking… there isn’t enough time… I may have to just keep the best of the best and play through them again.

          • Brian Hinson

            I forgot Heavenly Sword! Spectacular game… even by today’s standards, imho. I think that game was a launch title… just amazing what they did back then with that game.

          • Andy

            Officially counted my unplayed games from the current gen: 54

            So I’m doing a bit better than I thought. Plenty to play for the rest of this year and into next.
            A lot of them I picked up through Gamefly sales like the one today. A few of your favorites are in there: inFamous, Dead Space, and Heavenly Sword.

            GTA is a great series. It gets some mainstream flak for the violence and that, but at its core, it’s a fantastic series with great gameplay. I’ve always enjoyed the stories too. V looks like it’s going to be huge. It might end up outselling everything else this generation.

            Some of my favorite games this generation, in no particular order:

            Super Mario Galaxy 1-2
            Heavy Rain
            Uncharted 1-3
            Sleeping Dogs
            Tomb Raider
            Zelda Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword
            Phoenix Wright 1-3 (Still need to play Apollo Justice and the Miles Edgeworth game)
            Professor Layton 1-5 (Just beat the 3DS one this past weekend. One of my favorite series ever)
            GTA IV
            Batman: Arkham City
            EA’s NHL

            And I’m sure I’m forgetting quite a few.

            I’d say it’s been a very good generation, aside from a few things missing I wanted to see (Shenmue 3, The Last Guardian), but there’s plenty more life left.

    • Brian Hinson

      Ni No Kuni is 29.99 at Amazon… just in case someone prefers Amazon over Newegg (which is still slightly cheaper).

      Also Dead Island Riptide is 29.99 at Amazon.

      • Andy

        Thanks, interestingly Amazon doesn’t list $29.99 as a sale, but the MSRP. I have to do some searching, hopefully it’s a price drop.

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