Daily Deals 7/21 – Bioshock Infinite, Skylanders, Pokemon Conquest, Nintendo Land, and more

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145470PS3 Deals:

Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Trilogy – $19.99 at Amazon
$20 PSN Card and 3-Month PlayStation Plus Subscription Bundle – $27.99 shipped at BestBuy.com

BioShock Infinite – $39.99 shipped at BestBuy.com

Xbox 360 Deals:

BioShock Infinite – $39.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
BioShock Infinite: Premium Edition – $44.99 shipped at BestBuy.com

250GB Xbox 360 Darksiders II and Batman: Arkham City Bundle – $249.99 shipped at BestBuy.com

Wii U Deals:

Family Party: 30 Great Games – Obstacle Arcade – $7.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Nintendo Land – $17.99 shipped at BestBuy.com

Wii Deals:

Just Dance 3 – $9.99 shipped 5003838at BestBuy.com

DS Deals:

Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue Special Edition – $4.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Pokemon Conquest – $14.99 shipped at BestBuy.com

3DS Deals:

Crosswords Plus – $4.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Steel Diver – $4.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Style Savvy: Trendsetters – $9.99 shipped at BestBuy.com

Skylanders: Giants Portal Owners Pack – $19.99 shipped at BestBuy.com

PC Game Deals:

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty – $19.99 at Amazon

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I set it to 5 seconds, so there’s almost no time for anyone else to outbid me before the auction ends.  The best way to win an auction on eBay is to bid your maximum in the closing seconds.

Download the program free at JBidWatcher.com

The best deals today include Just Dance 3, a price low by $10, Defiance, a price low for either system by $20, Pokemon Conquest, a price low by $15, the Skylanders: Giants Portal Owners Pack, a price low by $35, and Family Party: 30 Great Games, a price low by $10.

expiredExpired Deals:

Defiance – $19.99 at Amazon
Defiance – $19.99 at Amazon

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Today’s post includes the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Vikings, Farscape, and more.

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  • Brian Hinson

    Metro Last Light is another I want bad… that and The Last of Us I’d consider those two to be the top two games out this year so far. Bioshock Infinite close behind.

    • Andy

      I put a dozen games up for sale today and ordered The Last of Us with the $15 coupon at Newegg. Can’t wait to play it. I think a marathon session next weekend is what the doctor ordered.

      Still playing Animal Crossing on the 3DS. This series was made for handhelds.

      I got Metro 2033 for free a long time ago on Steam through a Facebook promotion and haven’t tried it yet. Is Metro Last Light a sequel?

  • Brian Hinson

    Last Light is a sequel and considered by many to be in running for GOTY.

  • Brian Hinson

    and what coupon????

    • Brian Hinson

      Must be the 15 off 50 coupon.

      • Andy

        Yeah, this one. My mistake, should have been specific.

  • http://myvinylmuse.com barryfallsjr

    I want that Kirby game. 8 bucks is an awesome deal, but apparently there are very few stores that have it in stock.

    • Andy

      Yeah, it’s selling quick. There were a bunch of stores around my area that had it in-stock when I posted it, and now I only see 2 stores that still have it. I keep it up though because it’s YMMV and because it’s not available in one area doesn’t mean it’s not available for someone else in another.