Video Game Deals 4/27 – Mario Kart 8 Pre-Order, Europa Universalis IV, GoHastings Coupon, Elite Beat Agents, Minecraft, and more

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PS3 Deals:Mario Kart 8 Pre-Order

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The best video game deals today include the Xbox 360 250GB Console, a price low over a new one by at least $100, Elite Beat Agents, a price low by $5, Killzone: Mercenary, a price low by $9, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, a price low by $5, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, a price low for either system by $3 after S&H, Europa Universalis IV, a price low by $19, and Sleeping Dogs, $1 under yesterdays mention and the lowest price it has been.

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Today’s post includes The Wolf of Wall Street, Criminal Minds, The Veronica Mars Movie, and more.

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  • Brian Hinson

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PS4 49.99 Amazon
    also ZombieU 14.99.

    Saw some let’s play videos for Spider-Man 2 and it looks really well done… yes the graphics are just good enough, but I haven’t seen PS4 video yet… only 360, but it looked good enough for me, but the gameplay looked really fun. Wasn’t interested until I saw that game play.

    • Andy

      Thanks for the heads up Brian. Got em. It’s odd the PS3 and Xbox One version are full price, while their counterparts are discounted. Maybe it’s an oversight.

      • Brian Hinson

        Actually the X1 version is delayed with a chance of cancellation! They won’t say why though. Also I guess they made Gabe and others remove their spider man 2 videos until the embargo lifts on YouTube.

      • Brian Hinson

        Oh and I’m totally guessing here, but I presume the price drop is to compete with GameStop who has the only pre-order bonuses available for this game (some skins, one of which I’d like… but not that big a deal). It’ll probably be available later as paid DLC, which I probably won’t get anyway.

  • Brian Hinson

    One last thing I wanted to say about Infamous Second Son that I’m not sure I ever mentioned was my thoughts on it’s value… and I’d say this is not a $60 purchase… even though what is there is high quality yet it’s going to be up to each individual whether they like the Infamous game play style, but given it’s short story and monotonous and somewhat boring side quests (many of which are nothing more than a fetch) it’s replay value is very low IMO… I’d pick this up around $20.

    Infamous 2 is still my favorite of the bunch, but there is no denying the leap they made with Second Son, it surpasses 2 in every way except the one which matters most… shear fun. They really need to reformulate Infamous a little… it’s inherit design will always seem so last gen, no matter how much they upgrade everything else… and this is the complaint I keep hearing is that the game play feels last gen, but I’d say it isn’t the game play so much (but certainly they ignored the climbing in this one as it is worse [clunky] than previous entries…thankfully you don’t use it that much), it’s the design of the fetch quests and how the enemies are just numerous and hard hitting, but unimaginative that hurts the game the most… same thing Killzone Shadow Fall suffers from (minus the fetch quests).