Video Game Deals 4/28 – Watch Dogs Pre-Order, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Patapon, Headsets, Wolfenstein, and more

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The best video game deals today include The Amazing Spider-Man 2, a price low for all 4 versions by $10 each, the Turtle Beach Ear Force P4C Headset, a price low by $4, Watch Dogs, a price low to pre-order either version on the PC, Witch’s Wish, a price low by $4, Wolfenstein: The New Order, a price low to pre-order the game after the SYWR points by $20 each, and BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, a price low by $3.

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  • Jeff

    Not so good news for M$:

    Some of this problem might be attributed to the vapid games selection that both consoles suffer from; but, I suspect it plays but a small part of the consoles popularity problem.

    • Brian Hinson

      We do need to keep this in perspective… it’s doing much better than even the 360 did during this same time.. in fact at this present moment the best selling consoles in history as of now (according to the Beyond Podcast) during a launch window are…

      1. PS4
      2. Wii
      3. Xbox One

      It’s not doing terrible… it’s just not selling as good as the PS4. During the podcast they stated that they didn’t think the PS4 could maintain it’s numbers and the Wii will stay on top in the long run.. I agree, but you never know as the VR headset for the PS4 could be a game changer, but I’m not expecting it to be one.

      • Andy

        Also, the PS4, Wii, 360, PS2, and other consoles were supply constrained when they came out, which was not an issue with the Xbox One. I saw them all over.

        I have no doubt the Wii would be #1 if Nintendo had produced enough. That holiday season it was crazy trying to find one.

        • Brian Hinson

          The Wii is really an abnormality… don’t you think?

          And yes, you have a good point about the X1… but considering how much bad publicity it’s gotten, it’s still selling well nonetheless, considering?

          • Andy

            Yeah, the Wii was really catching lightning in a bottle. I don’t know if we’ll see anything like that again.

            The Xbox One is selling well, but I think the sales figures this year are showing how front loaded its LTD sales will continue to be. Much like the Wii U, in that the first 3 million was very easy, but after that is where the sales curve starts to flatten. It certainly won’t fall to Wii U levels, but I expect it to slow.

    • Brian Hinson

      I haven’t felt like I’ve been at a loss for things to play on next-gen, so much so that I’m having to MAKE time to get through my back log for ps3, 360 and wii u.

      With that said, there aren’t many exclusives for sure on either system… but for the PS4 all multiplats (generally speaking) are better on it, which gives it a good many games to play IMO, and for X1 just having Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, Titanfall and Killer Instinct can potentially give one hundreds upon hundreds of hours of game play… I’ve put in over 200 on Titanfall alone. Just depends if the games that are available are what you like to play. I like to play just about everything… outside of hand held games… I just have a hard time getting into them, no matter how good.

      There is a good bit of stuff coming… Evolve, Destiny, Amazing Spider Man 2 (which actually looks like it turned out pretty well), Watch Dogs, Daylight, Child of Light, Wolfenstein: The New Order, UFC 2014 – Bruce Lee edition (oh yeah), Alien Isolation, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (I’m really excited for this one)…

      I’ve left off Batman Arkham Knight and Mad Max as they both seemed to be delayed as far as I can tell… but I’m not certain about Batman.

      Sure, much of this can be played on the old systems, but if you’ve got the new ones, it’ll generally be a better experience on the X1 and PS4.

  • Brian Hinson

    Naughty Dog just lost their lead character artist from The Last of Us, but I’m still not worried like some outlets suggest… he had only been there 3 years and 2 were working on The Last of Us.

    That place is full of talent, and could quickly find talent if needed, I’m sure. No worries from me thus far.

    Apparently Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is getting Microtransactions added soon. Basically instead of working for points to buy things, you can just buy the points… but I have 2 issues with this…

    1) Over at Kotaku he welcomed the microtransactions because it takes soooo long to get enough points to just get a new character much less upgrades… BUT HE MISSES THE WHOLE ISSUE… the game shouldn’t require such long periods of play time in order to progress… spending more money isn’t the answer, it’s the reason it takes so long…frankly you’re happy that they’ve made you want to spend more money on a game you’ve already paid for because they designed it to be tedious to progress.

    2) I was ok with the long time it took to gain points, because everyone is on the same playing field… also leveling up doesn’t put you at a huge advantage unlike many other games and finally on the negative side, this allows people who have the money to pay an easy way to get the better characters and upgrades quicker… while those who can’t afford it, will have to spend a lot of time unlocking everything.

    Even still, the game is very well balanced, and I routinely use basic characters anyway! They all have their place and a better character, for the moment anyway, isn’t super powered… just different really. I’d almost be ok with the microtransactions IF I COULD PICK THE CHARACTER I WANTED, but the way the game works; it’s a blind unboxing! You could take all that time or spend money to get the 40,000 points needed to get a new character, only to get a character you don’t even want. I don’t know what the prices are, hopefully not ridiculous levels.

    I knew this was going to happen… when I noticed how long it takes (typically a full days play time for me) I’d suppose days, to even 2 weeks or more for a busy person with limited time) to unlock one character… I knew they were coming… the incentive to pay is to save time and the reason it takes so much time is they way they designed the game. I’ve put a lot of time into this game, but I still haven’t unlocked many characters!

    • Andy

      This is an important topic.

      I’ve noticed the excuse with micro transactions being that you can earn everything through just playing the game, but the problem is when the developers purposely make it harder and harder to progress, in order to tempt people into spending $$$ on credits or whatever it may be.

      A huge potential problem in the making.

  • Brian Hinson

    Thief PS4 $37.87 Amazon, lowest price I remember seeing… Think I’ll wait till it’s 14.99 or less to be honest… Maybe gamefly 9.99 soon lol