Video Game Deals 4/29 – Zone of the Enders HD Collection, Xbox Live & PSN Sales, Metal Slug 3, NEOGEO X, Thief, and more

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PS3 Deals:

On PSN, a selection of Japanese developed PS3 games are on sale as part of a new Golden Week Sale, with extra discounts for PS+ Members

PS4 Deals:

  • Thief – $42.97 shipped at Amazon

Xbox 360 Deals:

Courtesy of Major Nelson, a selection of games and DLC are on sale this week on Xbox Live for Gold Members

Xbox One Deals:

Wii U Deals:Kinect Sports: Rivals

Vita Deals:

On PSN, a selection of Japanese developed Vita games are on sale as part of a new Golden Week Sale, with extra discounts for PS+ Members

Other Gaming Deals:

PC Game Deals:

Steam has a new selection of Weeklong Deals, games on sale for up to 85% off through next Monday

Watch Dogs will be included for free with the purchase of select NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Cards

Gamestop has a selection of gaming headsets on sale from $9.99 each

Price Comparison:

The best video game deals today include Borderlands 2, a price low by $5, Thief, a price low by $12, Kinect Sports: Rivals, a price low by $15, the Zone of the Enders HD Collection, a price low by $5, the NeoGeo X Gold Bundle, a price low for both items by $60, Football Manager 2014, a price low by $30, and DuckTales Remastered, the cheapest the game has been.

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Today’s post includes Californication, Tam Lin, DVD’s on sale at Walmart, and more.

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  • Brian Hinson

    Games with Gold for Xbox One has been nothing but crap, IMO… I’ve never even heard of those games that have add-on content on sale… and so far, zero free games, unlike PS+.

    and Gold for 360 is better, but often falls short of PS+, but not always.

  • Andy

    I’m back on the next-gen bandwagon. After a long search with a few bumps, I found a deal on a Wii U that I couldn’t pass up.

    Picked up Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, and Tropical Freeze as well, taking advantage of a in-store deal at Gamestop of all places. Combined their sale this past weekend with the B2G1 coupon for joining the Powerup Rewards program to get all 3 games for ~$100.

    Looking forward to some Nintendo goodness in the coming weeks.

    • Brian Hinson

      I don’t remember what commercial it was, but it said.. ‘coming to p3, 360 Wii U and next-gen systems X1/PS4′

      I noticed how they didn’t put the Wii U into the next-gen slot. Good score on the Wii U. I haven’t even touched mine since setting it up and just tinkering with the game that came with it. I’ve got some games though, just been occupied with all the other stuff I’ve got. I may need to clone myself to play all this.

  • Andy

    Nintendo has announced their plans for E3 this year:

    No traditional press conference again, Treehouse broadcasts, and some Smash Bros. events.

    Can’t wait for E3!

  • Andy
    • Brian Hinson

      This isn’t on my radar… Destiny was but I’m reconsidering… looks boring from what I’ve seen thus far, but that could change easily. I’m looking forward to Watch Dogs, Evolve, Alien Isolation and a few others I think… many seem to be getting delayed…Wolfenstein looks fun, but not sure about a day 1 purchase, I could see it’s value dropping fast if it turns out to be a dud.

      • Andy

        Yeah, I’d put Wolfenstein in the Thief category. I’d expect $39.99 really quick.

        I’m interested in Destiny, may pick it up on the PS3 if it’s good and I can play online without requiring PS+.