Video Game Deals 4/19 – Ghost Recon Wildlands, The Walking Dead, Starcraft for Free, Gamestop Exclusive CE’s, Yo-kai Watch 2, Kingdom Hearts, and more

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PS4 Deals:81ePIm1wiOL._AC_SL1226_

Gamestop’s exclusive Deformers physical release comes out this Friday.  MSRP is $29.99, and there’s a Collector’s Edition available for $10 more that includes a Steelbook case, soundtrack, figures, and stickers91GUO3BYjeL._AC_SL1500_

Xbox One Deals:

Switch Deals:

71lPiF97meL._AC_SL1500_NIS America is running a sweepstakes giving away 7 Switch Console/Disgaea 5 Complete Limited Edition Bundles.  Enter to win here

Handheld Deals:

Other Gaming Deals:

PC Game Deals:

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Today’s post includes Ratatouille, Ocean Waves, Marvel 3D Blu-ray’s, and more.

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