Daily Deals 4/5 – Grand Theft Auto V Pre-Order, Borderlands 2 PC, Resident Evil, MAG for $1, and more

closeThese deals were posted 1 year 8 months 16 days ago which may mean they are no longer valid. For the newest deals go to the main page.

Grand Theft Auto V Pre-Order dealPS3 Deals:

Two Worlds II – $9.99 at Amazon
Rune Factory Oceans (Region Free) – ~$20 at Zavvi.com
Puppeteer Pre-Order – $39.99 shipped at Amazon

Walmart.com continues to offer 2 PS3 games for $30.  The selection includes Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition, Uncharted 3, and 15 other titles.

Xbox 360 Deals:

Grand Theft Auto V Pre-Order with Bonus $15 Gift Card – $59.99 shipped at Newegg

3DS DealGrand Theft Auto V Pre-Order coupons:

The Limited Edition Pikachu 3DS XL has been going in and out of stock at Newegg.  This system has been hard to find at most retailers and is rumored to have been discontinued already, so this may be one of the last options to buy at MSRP.

Playstation Vita Deals:

Virtue’s Last Reward (Region Free) – ~$26 at Zavvi.com

PC Game Deals:

Dead Island Game of the Year Edition –$4.99 at Amazon

The best deals today include Grand Theft Auto V, a price low when you factor in the gift card by $15, the 4GB Kinect Xbox 360 Bundles, price lows by $50 each, Resident Evil 6 Archives, a price low by $31, Dead Island Game of the Year Edition, a price low by $13, Virtue’s Last Reward, a price low over the US version by $12, Puppeteer, a price low to pre-order the game by $15, and MAG, a price low over a new copy of the game by $9.

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Today’s post includes watching The Hunger Games for free, a Batman Anthology on Blu-ray, and more.

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