Daily Deals 5/1 – Dead Island, Sleeping Dogs, Dishonored, The Last of Us Pre-Order, Project X Zone, and more

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91oSNUBZPiL._SL1500_PS3 Deals:

WWE 13 – $29.99 in-store at Target (through Saturday)

*BioShock Infinite – $44.99 shipped at Amazon
The Last of Us Pre-Order – $49.99 shipped at Newegg

Tales of Xillia Collector’s Edition Pre-Order – $99.99 shipped at Gamestop.com with coupon code ‘SAVER’

Playstation Move Accessories:
PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter – $14.99 at Amazon
Playstation Move Navigation Controller – $19.99 at Amazon
Playstation Move Motion Controller – $29.99 s81lXGu7yfxL._SL1477_hipped at Amazon
These are also the same price at BestBuy.com

Xbox 360 Deals:

Medal of Honor Warfighter – $9.99 shipped at The Microsoft Store
Resident Evil 6 – $14.99 shipped at The Microsoft Store
WWE 13 – $29.99 in-store at Target (through Saturday)

*BioShock Infinite – $44.99 shipped at Amazon

Playstation Vita Deals:

Soul Sacrifice – $35.99 on PSN
Comes with exclusive pre-order bonus materials for a limited time.

81qehTT4b9L._SL1500_3DS Deals:

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition – $17.99 at Amazon
Gamefly also has used copies in-stock for $15 shipped
Project X Zone Limited Edition Pre-Order – $39.96 shipped at Amazon

PC Game Deals:

Sleeping Dogs Pack Download – $17.39 at Green Man Gaming with coupon code ‘GMG20-GGN5D-FC3NA’

*These deals price match yesterday’s deals at Best Buy.  The titles are currently the same prices at both stores.

The best deals today include Sleeping Dogs, a price low for either system by $13, the the Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition, a price low by over $10, The Last of Us, a price low to pre-order the game by $10, Dishonored, a price low over a new copy by $15, WWE 13, a price low for either system by at last $15, the Playstation Move accessories, price lows for all 3 listed items by at least $10 each, and the Turtle Beach Ear Force XP400 Wireless Gaming Headset, a price low by $37.

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Today’s post includes Hugo, Murdoch Mysteries, a HD tour of the Grand Canyon,and more.

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  • Brian Hinson

    I know I’ll love Sleeping Dogs, but I’m gonna wait, I’ve got so many games to play through… it’ll come down to 14.99 eventually.

    Loved the ending of Red Dead, playing through Undead Nightmare now. Between the two I played Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters… I really really liked it! However I hated the flying parts, good thing they are few and short. Graphics are awesome, no complaints about it at all. It’s linear for sure, but its a frenetic fighting game which requires actual tactics to battle through. It is short but action packed.

    • Andy

      Yeah, I felt the same way about RDR. I barely did any of the side quests in there. For those sandbox types games I tend to stick with the main story.

      I’m all for short and action packed games. I used to enjoy exploring open worlds for 50+ hours but it’s hard to find that much time nowadays. There are a few exceptions, but overall, for single player games, give me a semi-linear experience with some variety in the gameplay, a serviceable story, and I’ll be satisfied. Tomb Raider is a great example. It’s pretty linear, but the action is great. I enjoyed it a lot.

      I need to play Sleeping Dogs. I’ve made my line in the sand at $15 and I’m holding to it. I’m mighty tempted though.

  • Brian Hinson

    I love open-world games, usually, as for the side quests it just depends on how interesting I find them…. for inFamous, I did a bunch of them. What I really don’t do, ever, is collect things… I’m spending 0 time collecting things, unless they benefit me, such as in inFamous the “blast shards” extended your power meter. Worth collecting, but I still never got them all.

    • Andy

      I used to be big on collecting things. When I played through Zelda: OoT when I was young, I collected just about every Gold Skulltula. These days I don’t, unless it’s important to the game. With Pokemon as an exception. I will catch as many Pokemon as I can, even knowing I’ll never use 95% of them.

      But yeah, recently I don’t. Like in Tomb Raider; there’s collectible pieces of story information and background on the island you’re trapped on, and I skipped right by those. :)

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