Daily Deals 5/12 – Crysis 3, Manhunt, LA Noire, Minecraft on Android, Old Game Prices, and more

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179595ePS3 Deals:

Crysis 3 – $39.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Far Cry 3 – $39.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
NBA 2K13 – $39.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Dead Space 3 – $39.99 shipped at BestBuy.com

Xbox 360 Deals:

Crysis 3 – $39.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Also available for nearly the same price at Amazon
Far Cry 3 – $39.99 shipped at 179610eBestBuy.com
NBA 2K13 – $39.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Dead Space 3 – $39.99 shipped at BestBuy.com

Wii U Deals:

NBA 2K13 – $36.62 shipped at Amazon

PC Game Deals:

Manhunt Download – $4.99 at Amazon
Grand Theft Auto IV Download (Steam) – $9.99 at Amazon
LA Noire: The Complete Edition Download (Steam) – $1155300e4.99 at Amazon

Crysis 3 – $39.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Far Cry 3 – $39.99 shipped at BestBuy.com
Dead Space 3 – $39.99 shipped at BestBuy.com

Steam offers a selection of games that are Free to Play.  Many of the titles offer add-ons or content in the game that cost money, but the basic gameplay is free.

Android App Deals:

Minecraft Pocket Edition – $3.99 at Amazon

51JVNG4P1DLI was browsing through some old games I never got to play, and I was shocked to see some of the prices of old Gamecube games.  I sold all of mine expect for a handful of my favorites years ago and I guess I won’t be replaying the ones I missed anytime soon. 

I mean, take a look at the cheapest price for a used copy of these GCN games:

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness – $32.00
Super Smash Bros Melee – $40.00
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – $40.00 (Good thing they’re remaking it on the Wii U)
Skies of Arcadia : Legends – $50.00
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance – $60.00

And so forth

I’ll have to take a look at how this extends to the PS2 and Xbox.  I still have many PS2 games put away but I am surprised to see this increase in prices.  Fortunately, many Dreamcast games have remained reasonably priced.  I also may have to rethink getting rid of games from the PS3/Xbox 360/Wii generation.
Has anyone else run into this?

The best deals on this slow Mother’s day include Crysis 3, price lows for either version by at last $3 each, Far Cry 3, price lows for either version by at least $8 each, Dead Space 3, price lows for either version by at least $7 each, NBA 2K13, price lows for either the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions by at least $7 each, and Minecraft Pocket Edition, $3 off the normal price.

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Today’s post includes The Bourne Trilogy, NCIS, The Animaniacs, and more.

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  • UnanimousTick79

    A great example is Bully for the 360…..That game was released for the original xbox and the 360, right when the 360 hit the marketplace….apparently a rare game…seen a used copy on ebay going for $40….glad I’ve got a copy:).

    • Andy

      Bully is a good example. I wonder if it had a limited print run or if there’s another reason it’s gone up in price.

      Sometimes it’s understandable when a game is costly because they may be from a huge franchise, like the ones I mentioned in the post, but there are also games that are one-off or not well received, and are expensive for another reason.

      Here my favorite example. There is no reason for a college basketball game on a Nintendo console to be so expensive aside from the limited print run. I wonder how many copies they made, it seems like it had to be a couple thousand at most.

  • Chris P

    I like to check old game prices here before i pick up something from a previous generation’s system/console. In general, I’ve seen exlusive Nintendo titles of bigger franchises increase in price a couple years after the console is retired (mario, metroid, pokemon, zelda, etc.). RPG’s (probably JRPG mostly) also tend to follow a similar trend (generally speaking).

    • Andy

      Nice site Chris, thanks for the heads up!

      The franchises definitely seem to have something to do with it. I wish I had known better when I was a kid. I had a lot of big SNES games, a bunch of the now-rare N64 games, and I got rid of them before I knew any better.

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