Daily Deals 6/4 – Dead Space 3, Remember Me, Rayman Origins, NHL 13 CE, and more

closeThese deals were posted 1 year 7 months 24 days ago which may mean they are no longer valid. For the newest deals go to the main page.

147785PS3 Deals:

Rayman Origins – $15.49 at Amazon

Dead Space 3 – $29.99 shipped at Groupon
NHL 13 Stanley Cup Collector’s Edition – $39.99 shipped at Amazon

Xbox 360 Deals:

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom – $9.96 with free in-store pickup at Walmart

Dead Space 3 – $29.99 shipped at Groupon
NHL 13 Stanley Cup Collector’s Edition – $39.99 shipped at Amazon

PC Game Deals:

Remember Me Download – $37.49 at Green Man Gaming with coupon code ‘GMG25-PLPFE-BCSAS’

Up to 75% off Activision PC Game Downloads at Amazon

Sony hplaystationas updated Playstation Plus for June, with a new selection of free games to play:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PS3)
Machinarium (PS3)
Saints Row: The Third (PS3)
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (PS Vita)

Club NintendoClub Nintendo has 4 new Virtual Console games on sale for the month of June:

Super Mario Bros 3 (Wii) – 150 Coins
F-Zero X (Wii) – 200 Coins
Link n Launch (3DS) – 150 Coins
Metroid 2 (3DS) – 150 Coins

Other Deals519zeaE0I5L._SL500_AA300_:

At Boston Market get $3 off of a $6 purchase with this coupon in-store or online with coupon code ‘30032’

Amazon has Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray for $69.99 with free shipping

Cowboom has a couple deals on used electronics:
Kindle Fire 7″ Android Tablet – $64.99 shipped with coupon code ‘Fire15’
64GB WiFi Apple iPad (MB294LL/A) – $169.99 shipped with coupon code ‘iPad16410’

Through June 8th, save $20 on the Kindle Fire HD at Amazon when you enter coupon code ‘DADSFIRE’ at checkout

The best deals today include The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, a price low for either system by $12, the NHL 13 Stanley Cup Collector’s Edition, a price low for either system by $37, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, a price low by $8, Just Dance: Disney Party and The Hip Hop Dance Experience, price lows by $10 each, and the Tera Online Collector’s Edition, a price low by $40.

883929236770Interested in deals on movies and TV shows too? Check out Daily Game Deals sister site, Daily DVD Deals.

Today’s post includes the Looney Tunes Platinum Collection, Band of Brothers, and more.

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  • Brian Hinson

    Hmmm… Gamestop showing the price at 59.99? Do I need special code/card? I don’t have one :(

  • Brian Hinson

    Never-mind they updated the price.

  • Brian Hinson

    I think GameStop has crashed… can’t get through but still trying.

  • Brian Hinson

    I should have expected this… site was totally unresponsive. I doubt they had many to sell, and I wasted half an hour. I doubt I’ll repeat this experience again.

    • Andy

      Sorry to hear that Brian. Sometimes website problems happen with these types of deals. I wish the companies would prepare for it better, as I would think they learned their lesson by now.

  • Brian Hinson

    eh, not a big deal, I just hate spending the time for nothing. It was a good deal (it said free shipping too!), but when they have so little stock and potentially hundreds if not thousands trying to buy, then it is bound to end with many disappointed shoppers. I was just shocked to see that I was right there waiting, added to the cart, hit checkout and it would never let me get past that… it started “timing out”… “service unavailable” etc.. that was in the first minute! I kept trying until it was all gone.

    • Andy

      Yeah. I wonder if using the mobile site or turning off images would have sped things up and made it quicker. I’ll have to experiment with that next time something like this happens.

  • Brian Hinson

    Great suggestions! Didn’t realize they had an app, I don’t normal buy from GameStop.

    • Andy

      Me either. Between the lack of sales and having to pay almost 8% tax, I rarely order from them.

      And I stopped going into their stores a while back when I got tired of being pushed to make pre-orders and their trying to sell open games as new.

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  • Brian Hinson

    I’ve never bought anything from gamestop.com, I had to register today (I did so early so I could get in-out quick). Actually I’ve never bought anything from the actual store either. I think I have walked through one once or twice. We have one close by, but I’ve never been in it, even though we pass it often.

    I stayed away in the past because of the high prices. I’ve stayed away during this gaming rejuvenation period because of all the things you mentioned and more… they have a bad reputation. I’ve had nothing but good experiences buying used games of BB though. I hated BB when I was younger, but they seemed to have improved since then. I still hate how they try to tell me about their ‘special awesome deal’ every freaking time I enter the store, sometimes more than once while in the store!

    • Andy

      Very occasionally they have a deal that’s worth it, like today, but if I sell games I do it on Amazon/Half/Craigslist because of the low trade-in values, and most of the games I buy are from Best Buy/Gamefly/Newegg/Amazon, so I don’t have much of a use for them.

      And, like I mentioned, those couple annoyances give me no reason to really go there. A new game is a sealed game, and I won’t be convinced otherwise. :)

  • UnanimousTick79

    Not to change the subject, but look what a used copy of Metro 2033 is going for on ebay….seen a new copy just sell for $66.00! It was a hard game to get, even when it first came out.(Ukranian made)……People are playing the newest Metro, seeing how good it is, and are now “bending over backwards”, to get their hands on the original.

    • Andy

      Very interesting. It’s also selling for that much or more for a new copy at Amazon. The best I could find was ~$38 for a region free copy at Play-Asia. Still quite expensive.

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