Daily Deals 6/7 – PC Downloads, Mario Kart 7, Xbox One DRM, Tomb Raider, and more

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5004174PS3 Deals:

Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition – $64.99 + $4.99 S&H at Gamestop.com with coupon code ‘CAT75’
Sony Pulse Wireless Headset & PS3 Game Bundle – $149.96 at Walmart.com
Game selection includes Bioshock Infinite, God of War: Ascension, and more.

Reviews for The Last of Us have been amazing, with a Metacritic score of 96.  It looks like this is going to be one of the best PS3 games yet.  Even though it may be unlikely, I hope the game goes on sale soon after release.

Pre-register at Sony’s Virtual E3 Booth in Playstation Home and get a Limited Edition Beyond: Two Souls Dynamic Theme

Xbox 360 Deals:

Gears of War 3: Limited Edition – $35.00 + $2.98 S&H
Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition – $64.91481509 + $4.99 S&H at Gamestop.com with coupon code ‘CAT75’

3DS Deals:

Mario Kart 7 – $29.98 shipped at Amazon
New Super Mario Bros. 2 – $29.98 shipped at Amazon
Super Mario 3D Land – $29.98 shipped at Amazon

The Legend of Zelda Black/Gold 3DS System (Refurbished) – $159.99 at Gamestop.com
This special edition is quite valuable and regularly sells for $250+

PC Game Deals:

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition – Free with free shipping at Newegg after $10 mail-in rebate
Tera Online – Free with free shipping at Newegg after $15 mail-in rebate

Trine Download – $1.25 at Amazon
FTL: Faster Than Light Download – $4.99 at Amazo5004857n
Blockland Download – $4.99 at Amazon
Hotline Miami Download – $5.00 at Amazon

Batman Arkham GOTY Pack Download – $11.99 at Amazon

Use the coupon code ‘GFDJUN20’ to get the prices below at Gamefly’s PC Summer Sale:
BioShock 1 & 2 Bundle – $4.00
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – $4.00
XCOM: Enemy Unknown – $12.00
Mass Effect Trilogy – $16.00
BioShock Infinite – $28.00

The complete selection of games is available here. The coupon code takes an extra 20% off the discounted prices.

microsoft-xbox-one-main1Microsoft has officially clarified how DRM and game licensing is going to work on the Xbox One
To summarize the major points:

  • The system must connect to the internet once every 24 hours or games will not work (even single player offline titles)
  • No game renting, loaning, or private sales.  Games can be ‘gifted’ to someone on your friends list if you have been friends for at least 30 days, and the game can only be given once.  It is then theirs’ forever.
  • Whether a game can be traded-in or not is determined by the publisher and only available at select retailers.
  • The Xbox One will not function without the Kinect attached.

I’m very disappointed personally to hear that Microsoft is going through with what was rumored months ago. 
I am really curious now to see what happens with the PS4, given Sony has said the system does not require an internet connection at all.

The best deals today include Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition, a price low for either platform by $10, the Gears of War 3: Limited Edition, a price low by $9, the 3DS games from Nintendo, price lows by $9-$10 each, all the PC games listed, which are price lows, and the systems on sale at Cowboom, which will be the lowest prices these used systems get.

SarahConnorChr_S1_Blu_eInterested in deals on movies and TV shows too? Check out Daily Game Deals sister site, Daily DVD Deals.

Today’s post includes Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Blu-ray, and more.

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  • UnanimousTick79

    XBOX ONE Details= Sad to hear….Many people will turn their back on Microsoft now…..I may be one of them,,,,None of these details really affect me, its just the principle of the thing….

    • Andy

      It’s a shame Microsoft and some of the big publishers are pushing this so hard.

      It is about the principle. If I purchase a game, I shouldn’t need to get permission to play it and have to prove that I own it. The assumption is we’re thieves unless we prove otherwise. This was the dealbreaker for me. I have a little bit of hope for Sony with the PS4, but I’m not very optimistic. I do feel it will be different though, given the more international market Sony caters to and their Japanese background.

      And what about in 20 years? My fiancee was playing Banjo Kazooie on the N64 yesterday, which was released in 1996. 17 years after the Xbox One releases, will the system and games even work anymore?

  • Brian Hinson

    I can tell you from personal experience even from the PS3 that just this morning Sony must have had a problem with their network and I got kicked out of Youtube because “I must be signed in to Playstation Network to use this feature”. I also couldn’t use Amazon, Hulu or Netflix either, even though my internet connection was fine and I pay for all 3 of them. Sony network goes down, I lose all access to television. Of course the games still play, mostly. I don’t know if downloaded games play though when the network is down… I don’t think they do.

    This stuff is nothing but BS and only makes it harder for paying customers to use. Angry Joe is right… the Xbox One (and possibly PS4) are nothing but bricks when they don’t ring home to daddy for permission to play what you’ve already paid for! You don’t really own the next console, you rent and pay for the privilege to use it. And this is already somewhat true now, given that Xbox 360 requires Live in order to use Netflix, Hulu etc… and PS3 won’t let you use them unless you are persistently signed in. IN FACT I DON’T SEE HOW YOU COULDN’T UNDERSTAND THAT THE PS3 IS ALWAYS ONLINE! When it comes to apps already!!! Maybe not for games, but for apps, absolutely.

    Bleh… hopefully when I get an AppleTV, Roku or whatever I won’t have that problem anymore, because it has happened more than just today.

    Also Joe brought out a good point that the “gifting” of a game to a friend/family/whoever is something that won’t be available at launch! This is something they are only now adding! probably because of the outrage.

    Hopefully PS4 will be our saving grace, but I’ve got a sinking feeling they haven’t been altogether honest so far and eerily quite through all the Micro$oft shit-storm. They were quoted as saying the PS4 won’t require an internet connection at all, but heck this isn’t even true of the PS3 right now!

    • Andy

      So to use Netflix/Hulu/Amazon on the PS3, you don’t need to just log in to just the service itself to use it, but also PSN? That’s interesting. I mean, of course you need the internet to stream video, but I don’t see why logging in to PSN would be necessary.

      You are spot on with the point about paying for the privilege to use the system. That is exactly what this feels like.

      I buy plenty of games used. And that won’t be possible on the Xbox One without paying inflated prices at ‘select retailers’. I’ve heard the comparisons to Steam, but it’s really totally different because the PC is an open platform, and the Xbox One is not. The types of sales you see on the PC will never happen on a locked down console.

      I hadn’t seen Angry Joe before. Good stuff. :)

  • http://Www.youtube.com/rsthejuice401 Thejuice401

    Lmfao rip console gaming. Im glad i invested in a super beast of a gaming pc. At least that wont disappoint me!

    • Andy

      That’s cool. I just got a new PC a few months ago and I think the only real thing I need to get to play high-end games is a nice GPU.

      What are the specs of your PC?

  • Brian Hinson

    In short, they probably won’t work, so long as Micro$oft ensures that the system must call home. However if they were to release an update when they are essentially done with the system that would allow play even with no connection, then this would be a good move, but even if they said they were going to do that, don’t count on it because they also added that they reserve the right to change their terms anytime. All the power is with the corporation.

    I’m not sold that PC gaming is the answer for what should be obvious reasons not the least of which is the DRM already in place on PC for a long time now.

    • Andy

      Yeah, there is no type of guarantee anything like that will happen when the system is retired. I could see them charging for it i.e. $99 for lifetime Xbox One offline access offered sometime in 2020.

      I’m just shocked at this whole thing. I mean, take this quote: “Offline gaming is not possible after these prescribed times until you re-establish a connection, but you can still watch live TV and enjoy Blu-ray and DVD movies.” So the system basically turns into a $400-$500 cable box/BD player.

  • Brian Hinson

    One correction: it’s not even a cable box, you must hook your cable box to it, it only controls the cable box, and at that only a select few!!! Basically, it’ll display an incoming signal (could be a cable box or whatever) and certain boxes it can control so that your gestures turn into actual commands to the cable box.

    It’s all a bunch of BS… nothing revolutionary here… it’s a modestly upgraded 360 with DRM. I say modestly, because they aren’t breaking any ground with the core hardware.

  • carlos

    I believe Microsoft is just trying to cut out the middleman, which is the people who sell video games and plan on seeing the majority of consumers purchase games Digitally, increasing profits.

  • carlos

    Haha I just called companies, people…

  • UnanimousTick79

    I hate to say this, but, “Physical games,(Discs) are dead”…..This world is becoming connected in every way. Some are ready for it, some are not…..I for one, am not ready, but, it is what it is……After reading Microsoft’s release, it absolutely makes zero since to ever buy an actual disc again…PS4, with exception to exclusives, will travel down the exact same road, because publishers are not going to format one platforms media differently than another’s…….P.C’s have steam, which is great, but if Microsoft will implement sales on Live, similar to Steam, then ultimately XBOX will be successful…We are being pushed into a 100% digital gaming industry, and to accept that, is tough.

    • Andy

      If I’m being pushed into a completely digital era of gaming, I’m going to go kicking and screaming. :)

      • Brian Hinson

        “… kicking and screaming” AND BROKE possibly… if Micro$oft has anything to do with pricing… just look what they charge for digital downloads on Live that are old… often full price!

        • Andy

          It looks that way. Though Microsoft’s pricing can’t impact me if I don’t have an Xbox One. ;)

  • http://www.youtube.com/rsthejuice401 thejuice401

    im not really good with computers so i cant say what specs haha ( unless 150-160fps on alien vs predator test means much? )
    but i have dual radeon 7950hd cards
    asus maximum v board with 32? gb ram runs all games really great. the only problem is sometimes it gets blue screen of death only when dual cards are running, never had a problem with just one card… weird :/

    • Andy

      That does sound like a beast. :) And I thought my 12GB of ram was a lot.

      Re: the blue screen of death. Maybe check if the drivers are up to date?